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Howdens Joinery


Large format electric roller blinds with printed images




To supply and install 12 very large electrically operated blinds with blackout fabric and high resolution printed images.




  • Fabric must be made from one single piece, no joins or welds. Fabric must be blackout with matt finish and required inherant Fire Resistance

  • A high definition image must be printed on the fabric

  • The electric roller blinds must be controlled externally by AV company, using hard wired control interface.

  • The electric motors must rise and fall at a set speed to coincide with the presentation speech

  • There must be a twin motor system with one to operate the blind and a second dormant backup motor available for instant operation should the first motor fail to operate

  • Must be a manual back and override

  • Black powder coated cassette frame to enclose the mechanics of the blinds.



The majority of this project required bespoke elements.


Firstly, the instant backup motor operation was challneging as to our knowledge this clinet requirement had never been requested in our industry.


The majority of blind motors do not come with an integral clutch mechanism therefore if a motor fails, the roller tube would lock in position.


A secondary motor would not be able to operate without a clutch system to allow the failed motor to free-wheel and the second backup motor to take over the drive.


The addition of an extra manual override was even more challenging.  


Our solution encompassed a hybrid manually engineering mechanism with cable operation linked to the back of each motor set, with one person on standby at each of the twelve units ready for the unlikely failure of not one, but two linked motors!




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