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Roller Blinds - Standard

For the majority of projects that require roller blinds, we would specify the following product to architects, specifiers, contractors and end users.


The standard tube diameter size is 32mm which increases to suit the weight and blind dimensions. There is a chart in the hardware brochure, available for download on this page.

The brackets are metal and powder coated white.

There are a couple of options available to alter the design of each roller blind as shown in the images below. Here is a brief description of each design.


Roller blind with a cassette box - the roller blind tube and fabric roll are concealed within a curved or square metal box. This projects in roller blind when not in use, keeps it clear when office windows are cleaned and projects the fabric from dust collection, providing a healther working environment for a longer period before maintenance or cleaning of the roller blinds is due.


Roller blind with fascia fitted - this is similar to the roller blind cassette box except the just the front and the bottom of the roller blind are concealed, so from a view inside a typical office.


This will give the effect of a cassette box with reduced costs and a couple of other benefits such as being easy to remove or colour code to match RAL colour mullions, wipe clean and can be retro-fitted to roller blinds.When the roller blind is not in use, the roller blind can be raised and hidden by this fascia leaving a nice clear window opening.


Roller blind with back plate fitted - used to aid installation or spread the load of roller blinds when fitting to a weak or poor fitting surface. This can also fill the gap between the fabric roller and the top of the window where light can creap in as the roller blind is lowered and the diameter of the roller tube decreases. If light reduction is important, we would usually recommend the fascia or a full blackout roller blind

Roller blind with a

cassette box

Roller blind with

fascia fitted

Roller blind with back

plate fitted


Roller Blinds Brochure
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Guardian FR
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Carnival FR
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Dapple SPC
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Perspective 3%
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