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Wide Blinds

Wide blinds are a product we offer to accomodate wide set windows. Blinds, to be 100% effective, should be made to the size of the window even if not box blinds that sit directly within the frame.


With a wider window these wide blinds will still provide the same sun ray control and privacy functions that any regular blind from us would do. The only differance being that these blinds are significantly wider than regular blinds.


Our average roller blind tube is 28-32mm in diameter compared to the 19mm to 110mm found on our wide blinds.This is to enable us to create wide blinds 5m wide and over.


Something to be noted with wide blinds is the limited amount of fabric that we can source to create these wide blinds. Most fabrics come in 2.5m, 3.1m and 5m and we usually turn the material to make wider if the pattern allows. If not then fabric can be put together to create the wider design depending on the pattern chosen (if applicable).






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